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Plan Your Travel

Start planning your next trip. The antidote to lockdown cabin fever is to imagine a trip somewhere. You’ll be able to travel again this year, even if you probably won’t have the whole world available. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you spend time planning your trip.

Choose a destination and start researching. Since we’re only imagining at this time, you are fortunately free to skip the frustrating part where you search for cheap airline tickets. But find a hotel or Airbnb for your imaginary trip, and find out what you want to see and do.

Imagining a better future where you can travel again will lift your spirit. And once you’ve made the plans, your trip is more likely to actually happen.

Look at the Stars

Get away from your screens and look at the night sky. It’s International Dark Sky Week this week. Get out of the city and away from the lights to somewhere you can see the stars. Looking up at the sky will put your worries in perspective. You can check out the official International Dark Sky Places directory here If there is no place hear you, look at the light pollution map ( and find the least light-polluted place near you.

Spring Cleaning

Did you do any spring cleaning? Spring is a good time to start new things, and that’s why we have a phrase for cleaning up this season.

Your physical environment affects you, and clutter around you makes it much harder for you to get started on anything new. Try removing all the excess stuff from one room, or just a corner of a room. Sit in the cleared space and feel the difference.

To make a change in your life, enlist your physical environment to help you. If you don’t change your environment, it is much harder to make any other change stick. Do a little spring cleaning and improve your life.