Making The Most of Your Time

As if the Afghan people did not have enough problems already, they have also just been hit by an earthquake. People are fleeing war and prosecution all over the world. If you are sitting in a comfy office working on your computer, spend a moment appreciating the good hand you’ve been dealt. Then reflect on what you are spending your life on. Are you really making the most of the talents and situation you have been given?

Compliment Someone

Did you compliment anyone today? I’m not talking about your colleagues’ looks – don’t enter that minefield. But remember to appreciate your co-workers and team members when they do good work.

Complimenting other people is an under-utilized superpower. It costs nothing and makes both you and the receiver feel better. Today is #WorldComplimentDay. Be part of the movement 😉

Thank Someone

Remember to thank other people. It’s easier to thank a colleague when you meet him or her in the office than thanking them via Zoom. That’s why most people are not expressing gratitude during lockdown like they used to.

Telling someone else that you are thankful for their contribution will improve their day. It will improve your day, too, and it costs you nothing. Science also shows that expressing gratitude reduces stress hormones and has a host of other health benefits.

Make a note to yourself to thank someone for something this week. Putting a “Thank you” post-it note on your computer will remind you. And just watching the note will lift your own mood.