Unnecessary Complexity

Why use a proper screwdriver when you have a multi-tool? It is true that it is a lousy screwdriver, but it can do a dozen other things. That’s the thinking behind using Microsoft Windows for Point-of-Sale terminals. It turns out to be a bad idea. It can take up to 40 minutes for a Windows 11 machine to install the latest update, and in the meantime you are unable to do business.

The problem is not throwing an overpowered machine at the task. A Raspberry Pi works fine for a home weather station even though it is only using 0.01% of its capacity. The problem is adding unnecessary complexity. A Windows 11 workstation is running literally hundreds of services, 98% of which are not necessary for Point-of-Sales functionality. The more components you have, the more potential problems you will have, and the harder it will be to find them when they occur.

You would never allow your IT architects to use over-complicated components with dozens of unnecessary interactions, would you?

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