Cybersecurity must be risk-based

Good cybersecurity is based on risk analysis. It is not based on locking down everything as tightly as you can.

I’ve been discussing the consequences of the war in Ukraine with several cybersecurity experts. Some argue that if you have to strengthen your defense now, it means it was too weak before. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of security. Security, like availability, reliability, and many other aspects of your technology is a trade-off. Higher security costs more money and slows your organization down. You don’t need maximum security always. You need a security level that is appropriate to your risk.

Right now, cyber-warriors and vigilantes are firing indiscriminately in all directions. You might get caught in the crossfire even if you have nothing to do with either side in the war. That’s why your risk has increased and you need to strengthen your cyber security posture. When the war is over, you can reassess your risk again.

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