Show it, Don’t Just Talk About it

Do you still remember the world before ChatGPT? That was one year ago. It grew to one million users just five days after its launch on November 30th, 2022, and became the fastest-growing consumer product in history.

The advances in Large Language Models had been discussed by researchers for some time, but the general public didn’t understand the implications. Until the WTF epiphany, everyone had when they interacted with the product for the first time.

To get buy-in for new products or digitalization projects, you must give your audience and decision-makers a functioning prototype product to generate enthusiasm. The spreadsheet showing a solid business case only appeals to the brain’s left hemisphere. But the prototype Minimum Viable Product can engage emotions in the right side of the brain. Positive feelings and enthusiasm get complex new projects started and get them past the inevitable hiccups along the way.

You cannot build these MVPs quickly if you don’t have a Rapid Application Development tool in your toolbox. That leaves you only with spreadsheets and the annual budgeting process to get new things off the ground. Organizations that can build rapid prototypes will be able to seize opportunities and will overtake those who can’t.